Carly Fiorina

Remarks at the 2008 Republican National Convention - Sept. 3, 2008

Carly Fiorina
September 03, 2008— Saint Paul, Minnesota
2008 Republican National Convention
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Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen, these are times of consequence.

As America steers her course into the 21st century, our choices have never mattered more.

Will we continue to compete and lead in the global economy? Will we create more jobs here at home?

Will we educate our children for the rigors of this new century and will we prepare our workers to remain the best and most productive in the world?

Will we power our economy and still protect our environment? Will we defeat our enemies and strengthen our alliances with other democracies?

Will we demand that government be both more efficient and more responsive? Will we demand that citizens keep more of their money and make more of their own choices, or will we decide that government bureaucracies know better than Americans and their families?

The choice America makes this November doesn't just echo for four or eight years, but will reverberate for many years to come.

In this historic election we have a clear choice between two very different governing philosophies. But we also have a choice between rhetoric and promises and a life-long commitment to service and reform.

You have heard the stories of John McCain's life, but consider for a moment how truly remarkable his life has been.

His love of country has been tested in ways few among us can imagine. He has demonstrated his maverick spirit time and again, and his appetite for reform is unmatched. He has always reached his hand across the aisle to move our country forward.

And it is the sum total of all these experiences and all these tests of leadership that have made John McCain who he is and prepared him for the Presidency.

We must elect a leader with the courage and resolve to do the tough things and the character and wisdom to do the right things.

That leader is John McCain.

I know John McCain. He understands that government's highest calling is to unlock and unleash the determination, creativity and potential of every single American.

He believes that every American should have an equal opportunity to achieve the American dream.

He believes that people should be freed and empowered to make their own choices.

John McCain believes that all institutions of power and wealth - whether they are government agencies or global corporations - must be both transparent and accountable to those they serve.

Today, Americans are concerned about keeping their jobs, about keeping their homes, about the rising price of food and fuel.

They are concerned about whether they will be able to find or afford the right healthcare.

They are concerned about whether they or their children will have the skills and education they need to compete in the twenty first century. They wonder whether government will stand by their side or get in their way.

I know John McCain. And if we make the right choice, in 2013, American families will keep more of their hard-earned money. Small and large businesses alike will be creating jobs here and spurring robust economic growth, because America will once again be a great place to build a business.

Workers will be able to seek retraining to ensure they have the latest skills.

John McCain will simplify the tax code and reduce the tax burden.

Innovation and entrepreneurship will be rewarded.

He will empower individuals and companies to create wealth, opportunities and jobs.

American families will have real choices about how to ensure their children receive a quality education. They will have real choices and access to affordable healthcare.

I know John McCain.

And in 2013, America will be more energy independent because of his determination that we must power our own country and his long-standing commitment to protecting our environment.

He will create a cap and trade system that will encourage the development of alternative energy sources.

He will help advance clean coal technology and nuclear power. And all this will both create jobs and lower the cost of energy.

I know John McCain. He will demand that the federal government be transparent and accountable to the American people.

In his first year in office, he will subject every government agency to a top to bottom review and post the results on the Internet for all Americans to see.

He will eliminate wasteful spending, veto bills laden with pork, and achieve a balanced budget by 2013.

Many people talk about changing Washington.

John McCain has the knowledge, the guts, and now in Sarah Palin, the partner he needs to actually get it done.

I know John McCain.

I have seen him with our wounded veterans, far away from the cameras.

I have seen his eyes fill with tears of gratitude for their service.

He knows the cost of war in a deeply personal way, and as both a son and a father of warriors.

He knows that our liberties and our freedoms only come with the sacrifice of brave men and women.

John McCain will bring our troops home with victory and with honor.

He will not negotiate with brutality and he will never shrink from calling evil and aggression by their names.

John McCain has the courage of his convictions and the wisdom to act on them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to say

I know John McCain. I am proud to support him.

As a woman, I support him because I know he values the contribution of women to our families and communities, to our economy, and to the governing and protection of our nation.

As a business-person, I support him because I know his programs will strengthen small business, foster growth and create jobs.

As a Republican, I support him because I think he embodies both the best traditions and the bright future of our party.

Most of all, I support him as an American.

Electing John McCain is the choice we must make.

We are choosing a leader of courage and resolve, character and wisdom. He will do the tough things, and he will do the right things.

He is the choice we must make for our families. He is the choice we must make for our nation.

And he is the choice we must make for the next generation.

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