Hillary Rodham Clinton

With Beyonce and Jay-Z - Nov. 4, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
November 04, 2016— Cleveland, Ohio
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Thank you! Hello, Cleveland!

What an incredible show! I just can’t thank, thank you all. Thanks to Jay-Z and Beyoncé. And thanks to Chance the Rapper, J-Cole, and Big Sean. When I see them here, this passion and energy and excitement, intensity—I don’t even know where to begin because this is what America is, my friends!

We have a woman who is an inspiration to so many others, I thank her. I thank Beyoncé for standing up and showing the world we are strongest when we look out for each other. And I thank Jay for addressing in his music some of our biggest challenges in the country: poverty, racism, the urgent need for criminal justice reform. And remember, Jay memorably said something we should all recall, “Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk. And Martin Luther walked so that Barack Obama could run. And Barack Obama ran so that all children could fly.”

Well we have unfinished business to do. More barriers to break. And with your help, a glass ceiling to crack once and for all. I want to be a president who helps everyone fulfill their God given potential, and I can’t do that unless on Tuesday we decide what kind of country we want to be. Will we reject a dark and divisive vision for our future, and embrace a hopeful, inclusive, unifying America?

So please take this energy out with you. Here in Cuyahoga County, every day is Election Day. We can have the biggest turnout in history. If you haven’t voted yet, tomorrow you can go vote at 2925 Euclid Avenue from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and you can go to iwillvote.com to confirm your polling place. And if you want to volunteer, come join us by texting join j-o-i-n to 247246. Help us win Ohio!

I tell you, I’m so energized after this concert, and I gotta say didn’t you love the pantsuits? And I want to get to work for you. I want to roll up my sleeves, work with you, and work for you, and let’s make sure that we send a loud unmistakable message that love trumps hate.

Thank you, Ohio, and God bless you!