Catherine Cortez Masto

No Way - Aug. 31, 2016

Catherine Cortez Masto
August 31, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

LT. KAREN HUGHES: Nevada is one of the worst places in America for the sex trafficking of teenage girls.

OFFICER TEODORO MENDEZ, JR.: Thankfully Catherine Cortez Masto went to work to help law enforcement fight back.

SERGEANT TREY GETHOEFER: As Attorney General, she made sex trafficking a felony crime and increased sentences.

MIKE HALEY: She gave victims a right to sue their captors.

HUGHES: And expanded the sex offender registry to protect kids.

HALEY: Catherine is a problem-solver, that’s what she is all about.

MENDEZ: Isn’t that something we need more of in Washington?

CORTEZ MASTO: I’m Catherine Cortez Masto, and I approve this message.