Lynn Woolsey

No War in Iraq rally - Jan.17, 2003

Lynn Woolsey
January 17, 2003— San Francisco, California
San Francisco March and Peace Rally
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Thank you all for coming together in this important moment in time to speak the naked truth.

Today you are letting the world know that there is a growing movement in the United States that won’t be silenced as our leaders grease the skids to war.

Today you are letting President Bush know that Americans are awakening from the shock of September 11. We have not abandoned our ideals of a peaceful and just world.

We know that real patriotism is standing up against what we know is wrong.

We condemn bush’s unprecedented and un-American policy of pre-emptive strikes.

We condemn his threats to unleash nuclear weapons.

We condemn his policy of war in search of a justification in Iraq.

We condemn any sacrifice of blood on the altar of oil.

And, we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke out against the immorality of the Vietnam War; who spoke of our responsibility to break the silence when our government errs; who warned against the catastrophic results of militarism, and who urged us to work for global peace and justice.

In honor of Dr. King, we shall oppose militarism and despotic rule everywhere, and we shall seek peace and justice within international law.

We shall resist the numbing politics of fear.

And, Mr. President, we will be non-violent, but we shall not be passive in our pursuit of peace.