Hillary Rodham Clinton

Janelle - Sep. 9, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
September 09, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

INTERVIEWER: Who you describe yourself as wealthy or powerful?

JANELLE: I am neither wealthy nor powerful. I'm just a regular person. Except the superpower of beating breast cancer. You know, when you're going through chemo, there are some dark days. So my daughter and I made some posters before the Jefferson-Jackson rally. "Thirteenth chemo yesterday. Three more. Hear me roar!" Bill [Clinton] saw our posters and came over. He started kind of walking our way, and my husband said, "Oh my gosh! I think he's coming over here!" And so then I, you know, I just started to cry. You know, I've never met a former President. And then Hillary came over and introduced herself, and she just took all the time in the world with us it seemed like.

HILLARY CLINTON: I'm so glad to see you both.

JANELLE: For thirty minutes that day, it was amazing to be me. There wasn't a lot of exciting, good things to celebrate, so it kind of made those dark days a little easier.

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, we'll be thinking about you.

JANELLE: Thank you so much. Over the months, she's checked in on me, wanted to know how I was doing.

H. CLINTON: If I can help in any way, I will.

JANELLE: We're gonna keep fighting, and we will be at that inauguration.

H. CLITON: You bet, I'm counting on it.

JANELLE: She didn't have to do that. My husband and I have asked ourselves the question, "Why has she been so kind to us?" a lot.

H.CLINTON: Look at all of your hair!

JANELLE: We don't know, but she cares. She listened and she cares.