Lyn Stinson

Iowa Women's Hall of Fame Acceptance - Aug. 29, 2009

Lyn Stinson
August 29, 2009— Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa Women's Hall of Fame ceremony
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Thank you so much, this is indeed an Honor and I am so Grateful. I would like to Thank the commission, the committee, my friends and especially those who got up early this morning to travel from Burlington, and my daughter who is here from California, she just received her masters.

Isn’t life an amazing and exciting journey, and with so many blessed steps. Not only did I adopt Iowa as my home state, I also have friends who adopted me and have become my family.

To be nominated! Chosen to be one of the inductees into the Iowa Women Hall of Fame and to be among such accomplished women is exciting and almost unbelievable, and also to be recognized for things that you have a passion and love for,

This is a very appropriate time to honor women, as we celebrate the voting rights of women. Voting is especially important and a Must for me, as a women and as an African American, who was denied that right for too long and have seen people who have given their life for this chance. That is why I am a strong advocate for women voting and getting involved in their community, state and country.

My steps in life have been blessed:

  1. To raise three successful children
  2. Blessed to have friends who care, who are supportive, who encourage me and like Joe Nolte may send my name in for a nomination.
  3. My church and church family that is there for me, has helped me grow spiritually, and have allow me to use my talents. Blessing # 4
  4. My job! How many people are fortunate enough to find a job that you love, it allows you to be there for families who are facing so many barriers, allow you to fulfill your passion and love of people, and you get paid!!

In the 60’s we had this dream that we would come in get rid of poverty, be so successful in eliminating poverty that we would work ourselves out of a job. We are still fighting poverty and more of it.

There is a writing that people come into your life for a “Reason, a Season and a Lifetime”. Sometimes you are there to help them, but you will also be helped and often time wiser.

A friend gave me a Thought for the week article, and it reminds us that we should give a message not with just words, but action.

To the cold and hungry, do so with clothing and blankets and food in hand

To the homeless, do so while leading them to warm, safe shelter

To the sick and homebound, do so while helping keep house and amid running errands for them

To the lonely, do so as you ask them about themselves, their family, their work—all with the heart- commitment that you will continue befriending them so they will not be lonely.

To the recovering alcoholic, do so while sitting up with him in the middle of the night, encouraging and praying for him as he shakes under the weight of his sorrowful addiction

To the pregnant teen, do so while handing her prenatal vitamins, making certain she has basic necessities of life, encouraging her to continue her education, assuring her that new life is a beautiful gift of God, and determining to walk with her every step of the way--- through the pregnancy, birth

To the poor man, do so as you fill his car with gas and write a check to the utility company so he can keep the lights on for another month

To the downtrodden and oppressed, do so while marching down the street with sign in hand, protesting prejudice and injustice

Do we often make this too difficult?

As you can see I have been blessed, my lovely and talent children and their families; my friends; my church; my job and to receive this honor today. God had a reason for guiding me to Iowa, when I didn’t think I would stay here for long.

Again thank you so much for this day and this honor.