Mildred Wood

Iowa Women's Hall of Fame Acceptance - Aug. 27, 2011

Mildred Wood
August 27, 2011— State Historical Building, Des Moines, Iowa
Iowa Women's Hall of Fame ceremony
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Thank you, Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds,

I am so pleased that I was born in 1920, the year in which women were given the right to vote.

I am equally pleased that my sister, Donna, and I were taken to the empty little white school house years ago so we could watch Mother vote for the first time. The school had been closed for several years. Signs were hanging from the fence urging people to vote. Signs were also fastened to the door. Men were shaking hands vigorously and talking loudly. Our father and mother were standing in the doorway. Dad was telling our mother the names of each man for whom she should vote.

And there were some other important things!