Catherine Cortez Masto

Duet - Sep. 26, 2016

Catherine Cortez Masto
September 26, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

CORTEZ MASTO: I’m Catherine Cortez Masto, and I approve this message.

TRUMP: They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.

ANNOUNCER: And Joe Heck says…

HECK: I have high hopes we’ll see Donald Trump become President.

TRUMP: I don’t know what I said Ahh…

ANNOUNCER: Heck says he completely supports Trump.

TRUMP: I would bomb the shit out of them.


REPORTER: You trust him having his finger on the nuclear button?

HECK: I do.

REPORTER: Why do you say that?

HECK: Why wouldn’t I?

ANNOUNCER: Donald Trump and Joe Heck: Wrong for Nevada.