Martha McSally

Dad - Aug. 2, 2016

Martha McSally
August 02, 2016
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Campaign status: Won

McSALLY: I was the youngest of five kids. My dad was first generation to go to college. He was committed and driven to make a better life for his kids. At the age of 49, he very suddenly passed away. I was 12 years old—my life was really turned upside down very suddenly. I learned that every single day is a gift. We don’t know whether it is going to be our last, and I’ve lived my life that way, really, since then. And I still, every day, want to be a good steward of opportunities and the time I have been given. We need more people that have this mindset of: let’s get something done, let’s fix things! It’s not: just accept things as they are—let’s change them! And that has been my mindset since I’ve been in Washington D.C. I consider it an incredible honor to have this opportunity to represent southern Arizona, and I hope they’ll give me the privilege and the honor to continue to do that again. I’m Martha McSally, and I approve this message.