Diane Denish

Concession Speech - Nov. 2, 2010

Diane Denish
November 02, 2010— Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Diane Denish's concession speech from the 2010 gubernatorial election in New Mexico.

How about Brian Colon? I couldn’t have asked for a better running mate. He was a great infusion of energy on the campaign trail and he truly cares about the people of New Mexico. He has a great future ahead of him!

I want to thank my family for standing with me and allowing me to fight this fight.

I want to thank Ted F. Martinez, my dear friend who had double bypass surgery just a few weeks ago and came back to the campaign trail – I could not ever ask for a truer friend and confidant.

And finally, I want to thank everyone out there who supported me, helped us and fought so hard these past few months. Your hard work carried and inspired me.

I am honored to have served the people of our great state these last eight years. I am proud of our achievements, but also humbled by your faith and trust in me.

Win or lose, I would not be here without you. Herb and I are eternally grateful to each and everyone one of you in this room and those watching at home for your support and encouragement during this campaign.

Together we did all that we could do to win this race.

We have come up short but I hold my head high, and you should too. The voters, here and across the country, responding to economic and political forces have chosen a different direction.

I truly believe we would have been the more effective change agent, but as sometimes happens in politics the other side came out on top.

Susana Martinez and I have not yet spoken, but I congratulate you on your victory. You will be our next governor and I wish New Mexico well.

To the Democratic members of the Legislature both house and senate, thank you for your support in this election, and for your service to our state. I ask you, my fellow Democrats, to work with the new governor and your Republican colleagues.

It will be hard work, it will require a willingness to compromise on both sides of the aisle, and most of all it will demand civility and respect. The people of New Mexico deserve that.

This has been a hard-fought election but starting tonight the rancor must end as we pull together for the good of the state.

I will do what I can over the next sixty days to ensure a smooth transition.

I am proud to be a Democrat because I believe government can and must be a force for good.

I will never back down from that belief.

We are in an era of great cynicism. Sound bites and catch phrases without a whole lot of substance behind any of it.

The competition of ideas has lost out to the competition of gotcha.

We are all – me included – guilty of playing along with it.

I just hope in the future we can break the cycle of attack-driven politics – and have real conversations about what’s important – jobs, economic security, clean air and water, making sure kids have health care and a good education.

Tomorrow is a new day. New Mexico faces tremendous challenges and there is much work to be done. On January 1st I will again be a private citizen. But rest assured that I will be here with you to resolve the enormous challenges we face in this state that we love so much.