Jari Askins

Concession Speech - Nov. 2, 2010

Jari Askins
November 02, 2010— Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Concession speech
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You know I want to thank so many people tonight and I will tell you that I just got off the phone with Governor Elect Mary Fallin. I pledged to her my support and offered that at any time if there was any opportunity that I could share or help or do whatever we could do to help move Oklahoma forward that she could count on me. Just as the people of Oklahoma have counted on me for almost 30 years in public service.

I told you in January of '09 when I announced that I was running for this office that I was running because I believe that I had something I could offer the people of Oklahoma in terms of leadership. I still believe that. I also believe that the voters of Oklahoma have spoken, and now if I believe everything that I've ever said, especially in quoting Henry Bellmon, that every two years there's an election and in between the people expect us to work together for the betterment of the state. And that's what I intend to do.

And I am confident that those of you who have supported us in this race are also going to do all you can, to help move this state forward in whatever way you have an opportunity, whether it's at the local level, at your county level, community involvement—however it may be. I know you'll be there, because you know what? You're here because you believe in the people of Oklahoma. I know that that's what this campaign has been about.

I am so grateful for my brother and sister and all of their families, and the commitment that they have made in supporting us. But you know what—my family is a lot bigger than just my brother and sister and my niece and nephew, my sister-in-law.

My family is huge, and many of them are here tonight, and you represent so many thousands more. You represent the children of Oklahoma, who need a voice because no one speaks for them. You represent the seniors of Oklahoma, who need help because they are on fixed incomes and are having difficulty making ends meet. You represent the people of Oklahoma who need assistance, whether it be mental health or substance abuse because they cannot do it on their own. You represent the small business owners up and down the Main Streets of this state, who want to know that they can continue to keep their people employed, that they can continue to keep those jobs in their community, and that they can continue to be a contributing member to the state of Oklahoma.

I ran for office because you convinced me we could represent those people. I continue to believe we will always represent those people, and we must find the opportunity to speak for them whenever we have that chance.

You all have blessed me greatly by letting me be your nominee for governor.

Now, I will return to my duties as lieutenant governor because I still have that job to complete. I can pledge that my office will be absolutely open and assisting in any way we can in to the transition of the new lieutenant governor, and I can tell you this: I may be walking out of the Capitol on inauguration day, but I am not walking out on Oklahoma.

I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people—people on our campaign staff and thousands of volunteers. If you all knew the number of people who have made phone calls in the last four days, in the last few weeks.... If you knew the number of people who probably need to buy new tennis shoes because they've walked so many doors and dropped literature, it would warm your heart as much as it does mine.

I want to thank all of our campaign workers, all of my campaign staff. You have sustained me, you have energized me, you have inspired me, and I can tell you this: I know, without a shadow of doubt, that your commitment, those of you that are here, your commitment has been deep, it has been strong, and it has been personal. And your trust in me, and your faith in me, is something that no one can ever take away. I am a richer person for having been in this position. I will be a better Oklahoman because of your belief in me.

God bless you all, and let's have a good time tonight.

Speech from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_amgGjqqMY.