Judy Chu

Calling For Passage of Jobs Now Legislation - June 24, 2010

Judy Chu
June 24, 2010— Washington, DC
Press conference
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I'm Judy Chu, Congress member from Los Angeles, California. This past year, Jodi—a single mother of two in Palmdale, California—lost her job and didn't know how she was going to put food on the table. She needed a job, and she needed it now. Well, a program came forth called Jobs Now. It gets jobs up quickly. It used stimulus funds and TANF funds to place unemployed workers in positions for up to a year. It was a win-win for both business and employers. Small businesses got employees, the labor power that they needed at 20 percent of the cost. Employees got the jobs that they needed, and they got peace of mind. Jobs Now helped Jodi work at a local coffee house. There, Jodi impressed her new boss so much that he plans to permanently hire her and three others. In L.A. County, there are 11 thousand jobs that were created just like Jodi's around the country and states all across this union there are 160 thousand jobs that were created; however, Republicans are killing this program. Jobs Now will expire in September, turning those 160,000 tales of success into horror stories. But it doesn't have to be this way. The House has already saved Jobs Now. It's part of the extenders package. We call on the Republicans to stop hurting American families. Stop playing politics with this problem and start letting the Senate and millions of Americans get back to work.

Speech from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUt8OXIk4fg.