Kristi Noem

Works Hard - Oct. 24, 2012

Kristi Noem
October 24, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

WOMAN 1: Kristi is a fighter for South Dakota.

MAN 1: A very honest person, very ethical.

WOMAN 1: She put in long days, she works hard, she gets things done.

MAN 2: She doesn't live in the Washington circus.

WOMAN 2: Christie comes home every weekend.

MAN 1: She can walk up to anybody and relate to ‘em.

MAN 3: She’s just a quality individual

WOMAN 3: She doesn’t go to Washington as a politician. She goes to Washington as a wife, a mother, a businesswoman and a farmer.

WOMAN 1: She represents South Dakota because she is South Dakota.

NOEM: I'm Kristi Noem and I approve this message.