Mary Burke

Working for You - July 8, 2014

Mary Burke
July 08, 2014
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Campaign status: Lost

BURKE: It was here in this small barn that my father had a big idea -- Trek Bicycle. I'm Mary Burke and I'm proud to have helped build Trek into a great Wisconsin company where nearly a thousand people go to work every day. But I also know that for too many, the economy isn't working as it should. Good jobs like Trek's are hard to find and it's a struggle paying the bills or saving a little. That's why I'm running for governor, because we can do better. Instead of the petty politics that make Madison a battleground, I'll work every day to bring people together -- like I did in business. Instead of more cuts to education, I'll make sure our kids have the skills and training they need to succeed. That's what the program I started is doing for hundreds of students every day. And instead of more breaks for big money special-interests, I'll work for families like yours -- because you deserve a governor who puts you first, and that's what I'll do every day.