Martha McSally

Working For Us- July 25, 2014

Martha McSally
July 25, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

JAMIE: Martha is the most determined, trustworthy, loyal person I know.

JEREE: She really wants to be right by everyone.

HELENE: When the job I had for nine years up and left the country, Martha helped me.

JAMIE: It's a struggle day today to make sure that I can provide for my kid, and I know that Martha is going to be able to bring in the business that we need to keep the jobs.

JOSH: She understands how to relate to people, how to connect with people.

MCALLY: I'm running for Congress because I don't walk by a problem. I have a fire in my belly to make a difference, and when things are broken, I want to fix them.

STACY: When I was diagnosed with leukemia she stopped what she was doing, and she was beside me the whole way.

MCALLY: Service means helping others. Service means doing what's best for others instead of what's best for yourself. And we need servant leadership in Washington, D.C. more than anything. I'm Martha McSally, and I approve this message because together we can make a difference.