Colleen Hanabusa

Vote on the Issues - 2010

Colleen Hanabusa
January 01, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

HANABUSA: Aloha. I'm Colleen Hanabusa. I approve this message, and I think we'd all agree that Hawaii has never seen so many political ads and from so many mainland groups. So how do you know what's truth, what's fiction and what's totally made up? Here's what I think. Focus on actual votes in views on the real issues facing Hawaii right now in Congress. That's the job you’re sending us to do. If you support Wall Street and consumer reform, ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, stimulus spending to help Hawaii’s schools, Medicare and jobs, and President Obama's plans for small business, health care and social security, then I believe you'll find your values and opinions will be a lot like mine. If you're against those things, you’ll probably want to choose my opponent. It's that simple. Vote on what matters most to you. I humbly hope that you will honor me with your support. Mahalo.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by the Hanabusa 2010 Committee.