Vicky Hartzler

Veterans for Vicky Hartzler - Oct. 26, 2010

Vicky Hartzler
October 26, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

BRAD REAGAN: Vicky Hartzler’s father was an Army reservist.

COL. DICK HOBBS: Vicky’s record was outstanding and supported the Guard, the reserves, active-duty service members, veterans and their families. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misinformed or intentionally lying.

LT. COL. PAUL DOCKERY: I looked for myself and found that Vicky Hartzler’s votes and actions have always been supportive of the military and our mission.

REAGAN: I don't know why he's lying about Vicky Hartzler, but Mr. Skelton, that dog won't hunt.

HARTZLER: I'm Vicky Hartzler and I approve this message.