Loretta Sánchez

Testimonials - Oct. 20, 2010

Loretta Sánchez
October 20, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

MAN 1: Loretta’s one of us.

WOMAN: We trust her.

MAN 2: There were no jobs but Loretta said..she made it happen for the guys that were out of a job.

MAN 3: She is really a friend of the veterans.

MAN 4: She changed my life—completely.

MAN 5: She is working harder for everybody

MAN 6: I think Loretta is really fighting for the people.

WOMAN: We were gonna lose our home. Thanks to the programs Loretta support we were able to save our home.

MAN 3: She just keeps helping until you get your problem solved.

SANCHEZ: I'm Loretta Sanchez and I approve this message.