Martha McSally

Stand Up- Aug. 12, 2014

Martha McSally
August 12, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: Martha McSally stood up against the Pentagon to change a policy demeaning to our service women that forced them to wear Muslim clothing.

MCSALLY: We were asking our service women who put on the uniform to defend our freedoms to actually be treated like second-class citizens when they were serving in Saudi Arabia, and I thought I was wrong, and I don't walk by a problem. And I had no idea what I was gonna embark on was an eight-year battle with the Pentagon that ultimately put my own career on the line and, you know it, threatened to end it. I mean, no kidding, it was one person versus the whole Pentagon. Leadership is about doing the right thing even if you might not win and even if it comes at a personal cost. I stood up against the establishment, and I won.

ANNOUNCER: Martha is committed to serving and making a difference for women, for everyone.

MCSALLY: And that's what I'm gonna do again when I get to Congress. I'm Martha McSally, and I approve this message.