Hillary Rodham Clinton

Staff Voices - Oct. 14, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
October 14, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

MAN #1: I feel like a lot of people in prison look like me.

WOMAN #1: And it wasn't until that devastating day that I realized just how painful that type of death is.

WOMAN #2: It was the first suicide I've ever had to deal with.

MAN #2: Someone hurling out a racial epithet where I've been profiled by the police which we call driving while black.

WOMAN #3: That's a really personal issue for me because I lived through it.

WOMAN #4: Often our stories aren't as high profile or well-known.

MAN #3: All they want to do is have an opportunity to succeed.

WOMAN #5: And we're not even giving these kids a chance to soar.

MAN #4: Because I'm in it, I see the problems. And those are things that I just don't understand why we don't fix.

WOMAN #6: People fought really hard for, and we're continuing to fight for.

MAN #5: I want someone in the White House who's going to fight for everyone's rights.

WOMAN #7: I cosign Hillary Rodham Clinton because she's got grit, she's got grace, she will get it done.