Kelly Ayotte

Solutions - June 30, 2015

Kelly Ayotte
June 30, 2015
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Campaign status: Lost

AYOTTE: When I look for solutions, I don't start in Washington and I don't assume one party has all the answers. You know where I find common sense ideas? Right here in New Hampshire, where small business owners talk with me about how we can decrease burdensome government regulations and increase job creation.Listening to New Hampshire is my priority. At the more than 40 town hall meetings I've held across our state, I've heard from Granite Staters on many issues, including our fight to bring fiscal discipline to Washington. I've worked to cut waste and bring increased accountability in government spending, and there's much more to do. Coming from a military family, our veterans know I will fight for them and their families. I worked across the aisle to pass a law that increases health care access for New Hampshire veterans. I've talked with families about providing better opportunities for all our kids, especially a quality education that prepares them for good careers. I work to make childcare more affordable and make it easier for families to save for college.Part of protecting our families futures is protecting the beautiful state we live in. I've worked across party lines on clean air, conservation and energy efficiency efforts that will protect New Hampshire for future generations.In the Senate, I work every day to make our country more secure. And just like when I served as your attorney general, I'm working with law enforcement to make our state safer, too. That includes supporting local solutions for the heroin epidemic. Together we're making New Hampshire and America stronger. That's why I ran for the Senate and that's what I'll continue to do - keep listening and learning, keep working across party lines to find common-sense solutions, and never stop fighting for our children's future. Serving as your senator is a tremendous honor and I want to continue the work that we've started together.