Doris Matsui

Representing Sacramento - Sept 24, 2012

Doris Matsui
September 24, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

MAN 1: It's easy to talk about our problems.

WOMAN 1: Doris Matsui knows it's her job to help fix them.

WOMAN 2: She worked across party lines to strengthen flood control…

MAN 2: …and keep our flood insurance rates low.

WOMAN 3: By investing in transportation…

WOMAN 4: …she's improving local rail systems…

MAN 3: …and helping create local jobs.

MAN 4: And she’s committed to protecting Medicare…

WOMAN 5: … so seniors always get the care they need.

MAN 5: She's not your typical member of Congress.

WOMAN 6: Doris Matsui works for us.

MATSUI: I’m Doris Matsui and I approve this message.