Mary Burke

Red Barn- Oct. 13, 2014

Mary Burke
October 13, 2014
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Campaign status: Lost

Unidentified male: It was here in an old red barn that a great American bicycle company was born. The one Mary Burke helped turn into a global powerhouse. She led strategic planning at track, helped pro-European sales from three to 50 million a year. Today, almost a thousand people go to work right here, at a company that pumps nearly $100 million a year into the Wisconsin economy. That's Mary Burke, the commerce secretary when Wisconsin had fifty thousand more jobs than under Scott Walker. The innovator, whose education program is giving more kids the chance to go to college. The business leader, balancing budgets, meeting payroll and creating good-paying Wisconsin jobs. As governor, she'll work to rebuild the middle class every day because that's how we get back on top.

Mary Burke: I'll put problem solving ahead of politics and work every day to create good jobs that make your family stronger because the economy isn't better until it's better for you.