Colleen Hanabusa

Record - Fall 2010

Colleen Hanabusa
October 01, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

HANABUSA: I'm Colleen Hanabusa and I approve this message, because your vote matters.

ANNOUNCER: Charles Djou says to look at his brief record in Congress as proof of the job he is doing for our country and for Hawaii. Fair enough—let’s look at his record. Djou voted no on Wall Street reform and consumer protection. Djou voted no to provide $86 million for Hawaii's Medicaid program and $39 million for public school assistant. Djou voted no—not once, but twice—to extend benefits to laid-off workers whose unemployment had run out. And he voted no on President Obama's small business loan program to create new jobs. These are Charles Djou’s votes, but when challenged on them Djou’s campaign claims that he's being attacked and even smeared. Let's get real. In Washington, DC, your vote is what really counts. And back home in Hawaii, well, you can't run on your record and run from your record at the same time.