Elizabeth Dole

Promise - Oct. 29, 2008

Elizabeth Dole
October 29, 2008
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Campaign status: Lost

DOLE: I'm Elizabeth Dole and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: A leader of the Godless Americans PAC recently held a secret fundraiser in Kay Hagan’s honor.

CLIPS OF ELLEN JOHNSON OF AMERICAN ATHEISTS: “There is no god to rely on.” “There was no Jesus.”

CLIP OF PAT BUCHANAN WITH DAVID SILVERMAN OF GODLESS AMERICANS PAC: “Taking “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance—you're down with that?” “We’re down with that.” “’In God We Trust’—you gonna whip that off the money?” “Yeah, we would.”

ANNOUNCER: Godless Americans and Kay Hagan. She hid from cameras, took Godless money. What did Hagan promise in return?

JOHNSON: There is no god.