Elizabeth Warren

People- May 16, 2012

Elizabeth Warren
May 16, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

WOMAN 1: Her father was a janitor. My father was a janitor.

MAN 1: She is one of us.

ANNOUNCER: The Boston Globe has said that Elizabeth Warren has “stood up for the middle class with dogged determination.”

MAN 2: I think she'll be a fighter.

ANNOUNCER: TIME Magazine called her one of “The New Sheriffs of Wall Street”

WOMAN 2: She told all the Wall Street banks to clean up their act.

MAN 3: She said, no more handouts.

WOMAN 3: The Consumer Protection Agency she started is vital.

WOMAN 1: Big banks, institutions, Wall Street, she’s not afraid of anybody.

MAN 2: She’s the real deal.

WARREN: I’m Elizabeth Warren, and I approve this message.