Suzanne Bonamici

Oregon Seniors Can Trust Suzanne - Oct. 18, 2011

Suzanne Bonamici
October 18, 2011
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Campaign status: Won

WOMAN 1: I've known Suzanne Bonamici for years.

WOMAN 2: I've watched her take on the insurance companies trying to prey on the vulnerable.

MAN 1: So I know I can trust her.

WOMAN 3: I can trust her.

WOMAN 4: She's got what it takes to stand up for Oregon...

MAN 2: ...take on powerful special interests in Congress...

WOMAN 5: protect Social Security...

WOMAN 3: ...protect Medicare...

MAN 1: ...protect Medicare.

WOMAN 4: Because she knows that I've worked a lifetime for it.

WOMAN 1: I've seen Suzanne in action and I know I can trust her.

WOMAN 3: We need to send Suzanne Bonamici to Congress.

BONAMICI: I'm Suzanne Bonamici and I approve this message.