Susan Collins

One of Us - June 16, 2014

Susan Collins
June 16, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: Maine and America depend on the workers at Bath Iron Works, and they depend on Susan Collins.

JAY WADLEIGH: She cares. She cares about that Bath Iron Works, she cares about the workers.

RYAN JONES: Susan Collins has fought for us, fought for our jobs and contracts in the shipyard and that's why we're gonna fight for her.

JESSICA CHUBBUCK: We're hardworking people that just want to be represented just as hard in Washington, and that's what she does.

DON BILODEAU: If it weren't for Susan Collins, we wouldn't have this work at Bath Iron Works.

ANNOUNCER: Susan has been endorsed by all the unions at BIW for her work to secure contracts and preserve Maine jobs.

DON BILODEAU: Bath Iron Works is responsible for keeping 1,200 businesses going in this state.

CHARLES D’AMOUR: Susan Collins stuck her neck out for the hard-working people in the state of Maine, and that's why we support her and that's why we endorse her.

ASHLEY SUMMERS: She showed me what work hard working women can accomplish.

JAY WADLEIGH: She's one of us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She doesn't care if you're a D or an R - she just cares she's doing the right thing.

DON BILODEAU: She will not back down from anybody.

DONALD MURPHY: Thanks to Susan Collins we're going to continue to build the best ships in the world.

COLLINS: I'm Susan Collins.

EVERYONE: And we approve this message.