Hillary Rodham Clinton

Olivia - Jan. 4, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
January 04, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

OLIVIA: My name is Olivia. I'm a little feminist growing up to help all women with equal rights. I have two dads. I go to a school for kids with learning disabilities and I wish that there were more public schools that could help kids with dyslexia like me. I hope you can be the first woman president of the whole United States. By the way, I'm really glad that there is now gay marriage legal all around the whole 50 states of America. I would be completely willing to help you out after school. I bet I would be the youngest member of your campaign.

WOMAN: Everybody say hello to our newest volunteer, Olivia.

OLIVIA: Hi, is this Jasmine? Hi, my name is Olivia and I'm volunteering with Hillary Clinton's campaign.