Hillary Rodham Clinton

Oliver Speaks about LGBT Rights - Oct. 14, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
October 14, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

OLIVER: An issue I'm passionate about is LGBT rights. As a member of that community, I don't want to see my rights stripped away. There's a tendency for people not to understand what it's like for Trans people living in America or for gay people living in America. There's been a long history of having LGBT rights infringed upon. For instance, they just gained the right to marry. I want to make sure that is retained and isn't overturned or overruled and that we continue to advance rights of Trans people. In particular, make it easier for them to gain access to their identification cards. Everyone involved on the issues of gay rights, there are people in my family who didn't believe in gay rights. And so to see a politician not only go out and talk to constituents and listen to them and let that inform her, that to me speaks volumes of who she is as a person. Hillary Clinton put gay rights on the map when she stood up at the UN and declared that gay rights are human rights. And she's right-- they are. Gay rights are human rights, Son.