Susana Martinez

No Better Job - Sept. 8, 2014

Susana Martinez
September 08, 2014
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Campaign status: Won

MARTINEZ: I want to still be governor New Mexico because I believe that our best days are ahead of us. You know, I always talk about being the first female governor in the country, female Hispanic governor in the country. And when I do all my shopping and I shop around in grocery stores etc. and you can see the little girls, you know they'll- you'll see them passing back and forth, they'll look and peek and their eyes will get really big. And they'll ask- you'll see them whispering- and they'll say, "That's Susana, that's Susana." Finally they'll come up to me, they'll have the courage to come up, and say, "Are you Susana?"

And I'll say, "Yes I am."

All of those- and their telephones will come out and they'll start taking pictures. These are little ones. And I am so proud that even the little ones know. I want to pave the path for little girls and little boys to say, "I can be anything I want. I'm going to get the best education. I'm going to have every opportunity. And this governor fought long and hard so that I could have that. So that I could dream big. So that I could be anything I want." And so paving that path in a way so those children will follow is extremely important. And so doing this job right and knowing that our best days are ahead of us. There no a better job than being governor of the state of New Mexico.