Morgan Carroll

Morgan Carroll for Congress - July 7, 2015

Morgan Carroll
June 07, 2015
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Campaign status: Lost

CARROLL: They were tough as buffalo hide. They weathered the Great Depression, war, heartache—all part of life for homesteaders in Colorado. She became a superintendent for Colorado schools. He worked on the railroad. They were my grandparents. They taught me that no fight was too hard and against all odds you never back down. Colorado has changed since then, but Coloradans haven't. Coloradans don't back down from a fight—never have, never will. My grandmother had big dreams and she always thought she should be able to do anything any man or woman had been able to do before. It's because of women like her that I'm able to do the things I'm doing.

PATTY SKOLNIK: She's trustworthy, she's genuine, and she's always looking to do the right thing.

CARROLL: My parents formed their law partnership together. What was clear with both of them is that the law is a tool to help other people.

PATTY SKOLNIK: She really is the people's person.

CARROLL: I worked in gas stations, I worked in pizza delivery, I worked in fast food, and tried very hard to save money so that I might be able to go to college. I know what it was like to work for minimum wage. I know what it was like to work without having any kind of benefits, any kind of access to healthcare.

BERNIE ROGOFF: She's a can-do person. She just doesn't wear the badge—she does the work.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: She was willing to fight the fight, and she knew it was going to be a rough one.

CARROLL: Patti and David had very recently lost their son, Michael Skolnik, due to a badly botched surgery that would wind up leading to death.

PATTY SKOLNIK: One of the doctors said to us, "This operation never should have happened."

CARROLL: This was totally preventable.

PATTY SKOLNIK: People need to be able to find out about their physicians. We passed the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act.

CARROLL: What we passed will become a model for the country. Every time we were told "you can't" we said we can, we will—and we did. Everything I work on comes from the real world, to get real results.

PATTY SKOLNIK: Real results is exactly what she wants.

CIPRIANO GRIEGO: Morgan has demonstrated the ability to promise, but more importantly, deliver.

CARROLL: Congress is broken. People deserve someone who's going to represent them. It doesn't matter if it's hard, or inconvenient or hasn't been done before.

DAVID SKOLNIK: She really does want to serve people. It's her passion.

CARROLL: Who you elect matters, and when the people do not participate in this process, the lobbyists do. One real person can make a real difference and get real results.