Hillary Rodham Clinton

Measure - Oct. 6, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
October 06, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

MOM: How tall are you?

CLINTON: How do we measure greatness in America? The height of our skyscrapers? The size of our bank accounts? No. It's measured by what we do for our children, the values we pass on. I spent my life fighting for kids and families, and it'll be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. That means good schools for every child in every zip code, college that leads to opportunities not depth at an economy. Where every young American can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. We face big challenges but we can solve them the same way families do: working together and respecting one another, and never giving up. I want our success to be measured by theirs. I'm Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message.