Hillary Rodham Clinton

Make a Plan to Vote like Vice President Joe Biden - Nov. 2, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
November 02, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

BIDEN: Let me tell you something. This is important. This is like the whole secret of life. No matter what you're doing, you've got to make a plan.

FORMER WHITE HOUSE STAFFER #1: He loves to make plans.

BIDEN: Let me give you an example. Say you're making a BLT. You get a plate. Now that's an easy step to skip. And some people will say, "No, no. Start heating up the bacon." I say, if you're going to finish with a plate, for Pete's sake, that's where you start.

FWHS #1: One time, we suggested going to a movie without a plan. It didn't go great.

BIDEN: Launching an initiative to modernize and expand access to public transportation? Plan it out. Start mopping the kitchen floor without a plan? I'll tell you what you could end up stuck in the corner for 10, 15, 20 minutes surrounded by nothing but a wet floor and memories of your own mistakes.

FWHS: Do you know how many different kinds of ice cream bars they have at movie theaters now? I didn't either. I didn't have a plan.

BIDEN: So when it comes time to do my sacred duty as an American citizen and vote, you better believe I've got a plan. All right you guys, step one is we gotta find out where we're going to vote. Status report.

WOMAN: Woodward Elementary.

BIDEN: Library or gym?

WOMAN: Gym, sir.

BIDEN: Good, gives me a lot more room to maneuver. Step two, how you going to get me there?

WOMAN #2: Amtrak to Wilmington, 4:55.

BIDEN: Actually, let's do the 9:17. I want to make it back to the White House so I can show Barack I voted, and I have my sticker on. He's going to be so jealous. Eddie, what's the final step?


BIDEN: Eddie!

EDDIE: Make sure everyone around you has plans to vote, too.

BIDEN: Should have made a plan!