Emily Cain

Loggers - Sep 25, 2016

Emily Cain
September 25, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

CAIN: I'm Emily Cain and I approve this message.

BEN PELLETIER: Bruce Poliquin?

GERALD JANDREAU: Don't get me started on that.

PELLETIER: Bruce Poliquin made millions on Wall Street, then he came back to Maine and abused the Tree Growth program to pay just $21 in taxes on his ocean-front estate.

JANDREAU: That Tree Growth program should be helping loggers, not Wall Street millionaire.

PELLETIER: Gerald's a logger. Cam's a logger. Bruce Poliquin doesn't appear to be a logger. I bet you the Paul Bunyan statue has cut down more trees than Poliquin.

CAM JACKSON: Probably paid more taxes, too.

PELLETIER: Bruce Poliquin is out of touch and he's out for himself.