Hillary Rodham Clinton

Loetta Speaks about Mental Health - Oct. 14, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
October 14, 2016
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LOETTA: An issue that is very important to me is mental health. I went to school in Williamsburg, Virginia. While I was there, I experienced a lot of suicides. Another African-American female actually took her life. It was the first suicide I've ever had to deal with, and to know that she didn't feel comfortable speaking to us or just other people that were in the community and discussing it, was very difficult to handle for me. It's one of the big problems, and I think in the African-American community is seeking help and finding your voice. Understanding it doesn't mean that you're weak. One thing HRC is doing is making sure that we have different outlets, different people that we can speak to, and not having to worry about the financial aspects of it, and just seeking that help if we need it.