Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward for U S Senate - July 14, 2015

Kelli Ward
July 14, 2015
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Campaign status: Lost

Hi. I'm Dr. Kelli Ward and I'm running to be your next United States Senator.

In the Navy, John McCain served our country honorably. He's an American hero who's earned our respect. But at the senior senator from Arizona, John McCain has too often disappointed conservatives.

As a physician, I've seen what Obamacare is doing to ravage our health care system. But Senator McCain isn't providing the strong leadership we need to repeal it. In fact, he's voted to fund Obamacare.

As a state senator, I said no to higher taxes and bloated budgets, standing against special interests. But Senator McCain's voted repeatedly to increase federal spending. He voted 14 times to increase the debt ceiling, supported bailouts and pushed policies that expand the federal government.

As a mom and a military wife, I've learned a lot about keeping promises. So in the last election when John McCain promised he'd lead the fight to secure our borders and build the dang fence, we wanted to believe him.

But he's failed us. Instead of keeping his promise, Senator McCain supported amnesty and voted to fund Obama's amnesty plan. It's why the Arizona Republican Party voted to censure John McCain and it's part of the reason Hillary Clinton says John McCain is her favorite Republican.

Why I can assure you, she won't say that about me. Because I'll tell the truth about the liberal policies that are hurting our country. Our debt is higher than our GDP. Half of every dollar the federal government spends it borrows. High taxes are killing our economy, hurting small businesses and families, and far too many of our neighbors still can't find work.

In Washington, I'll fight for low taxes, smaller government, a strong defense, and policies that empower families and reward personal responsibility. And I'll fight to protect our Constitution from the liberal politicians and judges who are trying to rewrite it.

If you're ready to take a principled stand against liberal policies that are hurting America, then join me. Let's work together for saner spending, for lower taxes, and for a stronger economy that creates jobs again.

But changing Washington, D.C., starts with you. It starts with you joining me and thousands of your fellow Arizonans today, to send a fresh new voice to the United States Senate.

I'm Dr. Kelli Ward, and I approve this message. Let's shake up Washington together.