Deborah Ross

Kayron Maynor for Deborah - Sep.15, 2016

Deborah Ross
September 15, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

KAYRON MAYNOR: My name is Kayron Maynor. I’m a Lumbee Indian. I’m from Robeson Country Pembroke, North Carolina. I am a social worker, and I’m a woman of great faith. Deborah and I were both selected in 1995 as the WEMC Friday Fellows, and she and I immediately became friends. Deborah has a way of bringing people into her, but I guess one of Deborah’s best gifts is: she is honest, and she is a great listener. She will sit with you and she engages in whatever issues are important to you. They become important to her. I vote for the person now. I don’t do the straight political ticket. I suggested to Deborah that she run for Senate because I believe in her integrity. She always got back with me. She told me the hurdles that she was facing, and we had further conversations how we might proceed forward. Without giving up, without getting angry, without getting frustrated, she will listen to the issues. Each county will be heard. It will be an overwhelming. She will represent all of us.