Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan Puts North Carolina First-Feb. 24, 2014

Kay Hagan
February 24, 2014
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Campaign status: Lost

HAGAN: Every day I'm focused on doing what's right for North Carolina families. That's why I'm working to solve problems and get results on the issues that matter to you: growing the economy and creating good jobs, making education affordable, protecting women's access to health care, keeping our promise to veterans. These are my priorities because these are North Carolina's priorities, but not everyone has our state's best interest in mind, and this year, I'm going to need your energy to help me fight back against the outsiders like the Koch brothers and Carl Rove who have made me their number one target. They want a senator whose strings they can pull, and they're attacking me because as long as I'm in the senate, putting North Carolina first, their special-interest agenda is in trouble. But if we keep up the grassroots momentum with your help, then nothing can stand in our way, not even the Koch brothers' billions. Thank you for supporting my campaign and standing with me as we stand up for our common sense North Carolina values.