Michelle Nunn

Kannapolis- Aug. 26, 2014

Michelle Nunn
August 26, 2014
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Campaign status: Lost

NUNN: I'm Michelle Nunn, and I approve this message.

CYNTHIA HANES: It was a mill town ever since I can remember.

RONNIE GRIMES: Everything in Kannapolis basically survived off of the mill.

CAROLYN HELMS: David Perdue came in in 2002 to take over as president of Pillowtex. There was a lot of promise when he came in, and then, within eight months, he was gone.

DELORES GAMBRELL: He walked away with his 1.7 million dollars and didn't hear about it. We had a dollar [unintelligible].

BRENDA MILLER: When Celtics closed down it was pretty much devastating. I don't think David Perdue understands what happens to the people. They were running as fast as they could with as much money as they could get out of the company and just pretty much left us there hanging.

GAMBRELL: David Perdue looks out for himself.

HANES: All we were was people to make money off our backs.

PHYLLIS GRIMES: He left all of us sitting there holding the bag with nothing in it.