Jari Askins

Jari Askins for Governor Radio Ad - July 22, 2010

Jari Askins
July 22, 2010
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Campaign status: Lost

ANNOUNCER: Jari Askins has the heart, mind and experience it takes to lead Oklahoma through tough times. Jari knows the Oklahoma we love can rise up to be the best. Jari also knows that can't happen unless we stop waste and corruption.

ASKINS: Now is the time for ethics and spending reform. The only way we can have the money to do what we must do for our children, veterans and the elderly is by ending politics as usual. If the politicians in the legislature won't past my reform plan, I'll lead a petition drive and I'll ask you to join the fight.

ANNOUNCER: Jari's not only strong and smart, she really cares about people. She doesn't just talk about veterans at election time, she fights for them. It's the same with children and the elderly. Let's make Jari Askins our next governor.

ASKINS: I'm Jari Askins and I respectfully ask for your vote.

ANNOUNCER: Jari Askins - governor.

ASKINS: Paid for by Friends for Jari.