Elizabeth Dole

Immigration - May 28, 2008

Elizabeth Dole
May 28, 2008
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Campaign status: Lost

DOLE: I'm Elizabeth Dole and I approve this message.

SHERIFF STEVE BIZZELL: The politicians talk and talk about illegal immigration. Senator Dole actually did something about it.

SHERIFF RICK DAVIS: She wanted to meet with sheriffs, and she did.

SHERIFF GEORGE WILHELM: Went all over North Carolina.

MALE VOICES: Beaufort. Raeford. Greensboro. Hendersonville. Lexington. Mocksville. Salisbury.

SHERIFF DAVID GRICE: Most of us didn't have tools to identify and apprehend illegal immigrants who were repeatedly committing crimes.

SHERIFF ANDY STOKES: The ones who are tough, hardened criminals.

SHERIFF TRACY CARTER: So Senator Dole works on a solution.

SHERIFF SAMUEL PAGE: A statewide partnership between federal officials and North Carolina sheriffs.

SHERIFF B.J. BARNES: To give us access to the federal tools to identify and apprehend….

SHERIFF TERRY JOHNSON: And deport these repeat criminals.

SHERIFF MAYNARD REID: It was the first state-wide program like this in the nation.

SHERIFF HUBERT PETERKIN: She is one tough lady.

MAN: With major league clout.

SHERIFF ASA BLACK: I'm sure glad she's from North Carolina.