Hillary Rodham Clinton

HIPPY Program - May 9, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton
May 09, 2016
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Campaign status: Lost

BILL CLINTON: She came to me and she said, you know we've got five or six of the poorest counties in America, which we did then. She said, these kids are going to school, and they're not able to learn. There's no kindergarten, there's certainly no pre-kindergarten, there's no preschool. She comes in one day just jumping up and down happy, she said, I found it. A preschool program in Israel that teaches people to be their children's first teachers, even if they're illiterate. I think it would work here.

I said, well what are we going to do? She said, I did it. I called the woman, and we're going to start it, she will be here in 10 days, and we're going to start this program. Now, next thing I know we have a HIPPY program, and I'm going to these little graduations for preschoolers. Next thing you know it's in 26 states. It's still thriving, and there are thousands of people in this country today who have better lives and learn more and grew up just because of her, and they have no clue. And she didn't care, and she hadn't been elected to anything. She just made something good happen.

MAN: I think it's always been about children for her.

MAN: Hillary Clinton is absolutely fighting for families.