Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary and the Band - Jan. 30, 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton
January 30, 2008
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Campaign status: Lost


For a period of, like, two, three weeks we were maybe the hottest band around.

Suddenly there's this huge audience. Everybody's crammed against the wall.

Hillary takes the stage. The crowd went nuts.

It changed everything—everything.

The reaction was just phenomenal.

Some people called it the comeback of the guitar solo.

She gave us an edge.

The blogs were going crazy.

You have this, this crucial member that you know, musically, this is the reason we're gonna be the biggest band in the world.

It was like, a really magical time for us as a group. It really was—but it couldn't last.

I couldn't believe it. Immediately I called Lance and I said, "Dude, Hillary just quit the band."

I was like, "Why?" And he goes, "Hillary is running for president."