Hillary Rodham Clinton

Happy Mother's Day - May 9, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton
May 09, 2015
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Campaign status: Lost

CLINTON: For me, the earliest inspiration and really, still today, my guiding light was my mother. She had a childhood that none of us would want. Abandoned, first by her parents, then by her grandparents. By fourteen, starting to work on her own. But she was determined to give me and my brothers opportunities far beyond anything she had known. She believed in me, and encouraged me, and set high standards for me. That lit a spark. Everyone deserves a chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. That's the dream we share. That's the fight we must wage.

CLINTON: How old are you?

GIRL: Three.

CLINTON: Are you three years old? Wow.

CLINTON: When I was at the hospital with Chelsea while she was there to give birth to my most amazing, fabulous, unbelievable granddaughter, one of the nurses said to me, "Thank you for fighting for Paid Family Leave. At a time that should be so exciting and joyful, I see so many women who are just distraught. They have to immediately go back to work. They don't know how they're going to manage." It is outrageous that America is the only country in the developed world that doesn't guarantee Paid Leave.

WOMAN IN RESTAURANT: I'm gonna take her with me!

CLINTON: I have this new granddaughter and I want her to have every opportunity. But I want every child in our country to have every opportunity.

We know that when women are strong, families are strong. When families are strong, countries are strong.

What more can we do so it isn't quite so hard? The answer is we can do a lot if we do it together.