Diane Black

Fight Back with Diane Black! - June 8, 2012

Diane Black
June 08, 2012
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Campaign status: Won

BLACK: Businesses have to live within a budget. But it's been three years since Washington passed any budget. I argued, I begged, I even got mad. Now I found the answer -- cut their pay. I'm Diane Black and here is my plan. If Congress doesn't pass the budget, Congress doesn't get a paycheck. No budget, no pay. You wanna yank their chain? Grab their wallet. I'm Diane Black and I approve this message.

ANNOUNCER: There are 435 members of Congress. How many members have voted more conservatively than Diane Black? That's right -- zero. There's not even one member of the United States House of Representatives rated more conservative than Diane Black by the respected National Journal. Diane Black passed one of the first laws reversing one part of Obamacare. She's pushing to repeal it all. Now she's leading the fight to stop paying Congress's own salary if they don't pass a balanced budget. No budget, no pay.

BLACK: I'm Diane Black and I'm proud to work every day to overturn the Obama agenda. This president is ruining America's future with reckless amounts of spending and debt. Let's face it -- Obamacare still threatens our economy and Washington is addicted to ever-expanding government. I'm Diane Black. I approve this message and it's time to fight back.

ANNOUNCER: Fight back with Diane Black. Vote early, starting July 13. Paid for by Diane Black for Congress.