Elizabeth Warren

Fight Back- Dec. 9, 2011

Elizabeth Warren
December 09, 2011
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Campaign status: Won

WARREN: We must be doing something right if Karl Rove is attacking us. And boy is he ever. With ridiculous Attack ads, financed by Wall Street. Now, let’s be clear, Karl Rove isn’t just attacking me. He and his buddies are attacking all of us in Massachusetts who want a level playing field for middle class families. I spent years standing up to Wall Street, and the big banks. Exposing their tricks and traps, fighting to get a fair share for people. No attack ad and certainly not one from Karl Rove and Wall Street will change that. We’re building a strong grassroots organization to take them on and I need your help. Reach out to your friends, talk to them one-on-one and make sure they know the truth. Ask them to go to elizabethwarren.com, and sign up. I’m Elizabeth Warren, and I approve this message. Thank you.