Robin Kelly

Enough - Jan. 8, 2013

Robin Kelly
January 08, 2013
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An explosion of violence in the heart of the country….

You can hear the gunfire ring out on the Virginia Tech campus….

Breaking news coming to us from Northern Illinois University….

Two heavily armed Columbine students….

U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona….

Inside a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee….

Multiple shooting at a movie theater. People have been killed….

Breaking news of shooting at an elementary school….

Sandy Hook elementary school….

Twenty-seven victims….

Twenty small children and several adults….

The killer, armed for mass murder with two pistols and a military-style rifle….

KELLY: It's heartbreaking. There are kids dying every day. As a mother you think, what if that was my child? Sadly, our neighborhoods are no strangers to the worst kind of gun violence.


More Americans are being killed in Chicago than Afghanistan….

Violent weekend in Chicago….

Nine dead, 37 wounded….

Twenty-one people were wounded…

A fifteen-year-old was also shot….

A seven-year-old….

A three-year-old….

South suburban [unitelligble]….

Calumet City….


Shot and killed while playing on the front porch…

Locked up and fired ten times….

KELLY: Everyone of us has been touched in some way. It's why I've spent my career fighting to end this brutal reality. The first bill I introduced as state representative banned strawman purchases of deadly weapons, stopping criminals from using others to buy their guns for them. And yet our courts vote to allow concealed weapons in our schools and near our parks. Politicians look the other way as weapons intended for the battlefield flood into our streets. And the NRA proposes measures that would turn our schools into armed camps.

CLIP OF WAYNE LAPIERRE: We should put armed security in every school.

KELLY: We all need to say enough is enough. I've issued the following pledge. If elected to Congress, I will, one, pass a strong comprehensive ban on assault weapons; two, eliminate the gun show loophole; three, ban the use of high-capacity ammunition magazines like those used in Newtown and Aurora; four, pledge never to receive support from organizations like the NRA that oppose reasonable gun safety legislation; and five, support current laws that prohibit conceal-and-carry permits. Why we don't know who will represent this community in Congress, we do know that we must speak with one voice on this critical issue. That's why I'm asking each of my colleagues in this race to join this pledge and I'm asking you to join me as well. If we succeed in saving even one life, then it's worth it.