Susana Martinez

Eight Years (radio) - Oct. 25, 2010

Susana Martinez
October 25, 2010
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Campaign status: Won

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Susana Martinez for Governor, Anna Emerick-Biad, treasurer.

ANNOUNCER: Eight years. Richardson-Denish had eight years to enact their agenda. They did and we lost 55,000 jobs. As families suffered, Diane Denish used stimulus funds to fly the $5 million jet instead of creating jobs. In 2003, Denish promised that all children would read by the third-grade, but eight years later eighty percent of fourth-graders can't read proficiently and forty percent drop out. In eight years, Richardson-Denish made pay-to-play a household term and gave 50,000 driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Now Denish says don't expect a change in direction, says the Richardson-Denish policies just need more time. Think about that. Think about the last eight years and listen to Diane Denish in her own words.

CLIP OF DENISH: The best predictor of future behavior is what you've already done.

ANNOUNCER: She's right, and New Mexico can't afford four more years of the same.