Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dorothy - Aug. 2, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton
August 02, 2015
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Campaign status: Lost

CLINTON: When I think about why I'm doing this, I think about my mother, Dorothy. She was abandoned by her parents at the age of eight, sent from Chicago to L.A. to live with grandparents who didn't want her. But people showed her kindness, gave her a chance. Like the teacher who saw my mother had no money for food and started bringing her extra from home, whispering, 'You know, Dorothy, I just brought too much food today.' She went to work in somebody else's home at age 14, and it opened her eyes. For the first time, she saw parents who loved and cared for their children, and that's the kind of loving family she provided for us. When she needed a champion, someone was there. I think about all the Dorothys all over America who fight for their families, who never give up. That's why I'm doing this. That's why I've always done this. For all the Dorothys.